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Caring for a New Tattoo

10 Nissi Avenue, Ayia Napa, Cyprus. 
Or if you prefer to give us a call first:  Shop: (+357) 23722575  or Christos: (+357) 99357850

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment, you took the time to choose the right place, the right artist and the right artwork, now you must commit to looking after it
We can give you all the right advice but if you don’t take heed you could at least ruin your new ink or at worst get an infection.
So here’s our advice, remember it’s up to you to follow it:

  • Clean your hands before touching your healing tattoo
  • Keep your bandage on for at least two hours
  • After you have removed the bandage, rinse the area under cool water  and WASH VERY GENTLY using your fingertips and a gentle antibacterial soap


  • Apply an antiseptic healing cream 2-3 times a day
  • Keep open to the air, never bandage a new tattoo yourself and never cover in plastic
  • If your tattoo is under clothing, make sure it’s loose fitting and clean.
  • Keep your new artwork clean and moisturised throughout the healing process.
BIG NOs for a new Tattoo are:
  • Touching
    • Don’t unless you are cleaning it, even then make sure your hands are clean.
    • No rubbing or scratching, if it gets itchy small slaps on the area are said to help
  • Dirt and Liquids
    • don’t allow other peoples’ hands, mouths or bodily fluids to come into contact with your tattoo
    • don’t use tanning oils, lotions or cosmetics of any kind on or near your tattoo
    • don’t soak the tattooed area in water – this means taking showers instead of baths and avoiding the pool, spa and even the sea
  • Don’t expose to the sun until it is fully healed and even then use at least a factor 30spf to protect from colour fading
Other Useful Notes:
  • Itching
    • Don’t scratch.  Slap or apply your antiseptic cream
  • Scabbing
    • Never pick scabs, they leave scarring and can leave a tattoo blotchy in affected areas
    • When you shower, dry with paper towels and wait until dry to apply ointment
  • Flaking Skin
    • Apply unscented moisturising lotion but not too much
    • DO NOT pick or scratch any scabs, itching can be relieved by slapping or applying your cream
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